Great Smeaton Primary School

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

'Inspiring excellence to create, discover and succeed together'

Our Values

We strongly believe in the power of the values of Respect, Community, Individuality and Aspiration.

Our children learn about these values and are encouraged to demonstrate them in all that we do.  

We recognise and celebrate these values throughout our school environment, curriculum and activities. 


Our Ethos

Our aims are to:

  • respect and value the individual

  • create a safe, caring and nurturing environment

  • stimulate learning and encourage every child to reach their full potential

  • develop a growing sense of independence and personal, health, social, moral and spiritual experiences, knowledge and skills for life 

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum that incorporates holistic growth, including academic, physical, social and moral growth

The school endeavours to achieve these aims by:

  • sustaining a high quality environment for both the learning and well-being of the children

  • helping children to develop self-discipline and respect for themselves, the school and the community

  • recognising and rewarding achievement and contribution

  • providing routes to success for children of all abilities, regardless of gender, disability, race or beliefs.

  • creating a partnership between the children, parents, governors and the community, which gives security, a sense of belonging and global citizenship to our children.


Our House System


We have a house system in school, with 2 houses:

  • Saddler, named after the village’s association with Blacksmiths

  • Wiske, named after the River Wiske, which runs close to the village

All the children are placed in to a house and we have a number of inter-house tournaments and activities throughout the year.


Children also collect House Points for their effort, achievement and demonstration of our Vision and Values. They are awarded certificates at different milestones on their House Point Journey through the year.