School Uniform

Our school uniform, whilst optional, is encouraged to be worn at Great Smeaton, as it helps promote a sense of community cohesion, reflects a good attitude and maintains our high standards and good reputation.

Our uniform consists of:



Summer alternative:



Uniform storm proof coats, bags and PE kit are also available to wear.

Orders can be placed throughout the year for uniform and includes an option to have the child’s name embroidered on it discretely, at no extra charge.

Children need to wear sensible shoes for school, and in wet weather, may bring a spare pair of indoor shoes to wear inside the school building. Children are also encouraged to bring shoes for outdoor use at playtimes and lunchtimes.

PE Kit

Children need to be appropriately dressed for Physical Education. All children are expected to have a bag containing:

Navy jogging bottoms and navy sweatshirts may be worn due to the colder weather.

N.B. Please no club football shirts and no fashion shorts.


It is essential to mark all clothing and shoes clearly with your childs name.

Uniform can be ordered directly from our supplier using the following link: