Ramp Making – 19/6/2020

On Thursday, the Reception children decided to make a ramp. They collected long cardboard pieces and began to build. At first, the children set the ramp up on the table but they wanted their ramp to be much longer. Thomas found another piece of cardboard and Oliver propped both pieces up with a wooden block. During all of this, they were discussing how their ramp was going to be successful. After a couple of test runs, the children soon realised that the bump in the two pieces of cardboard stopped the car from rolling down the ramp. Very quickly, they cello taped the ramp together whilst it was still propped up on the wooden block. Now they were ready!

But, after a few more test runs, the car was falling off the side of the ramp. Independently, Thomas and Oliver began to build ‘bumpers’ to stop the car from falling off the edge. Would their ramp work well this time?

They began to roll their cars down and each car made it successfully to the end of the ramp! Each time the car reached the end it was greeted with loud cheers of “YES!!!!”

Imogen found another box in the classroom and decided it was going to be the tunnel. After attempting to cut the sides off, Imogen soon realised that the scissors were just not strong enough to cut through the cardboard. She asked an adult politely to help her and once the sides were cut off, it was time for her to work her magic! Imogen decorated the ‘tunnel’ beautifully.

Each child enjoyed taking it in turns to roll their car down the ramp. They enjoyed experimenting with a range of vehicles and they soon found the best ones to use!

They decided to make the ramp taller by resting it on taller pieces of furniture around the classroom and in the children’s words “It was an epic fail!”

This activity was a child-led activity with some open ended questions from an adult. Each child showed resilience, persistence, team-work, self-confidence, incredible problem-solving, creative thinking and compromise. Most importantly, the children laughed, smiled and cheered throughout the activity. Well done Reception!