Oak Class – 11/1/2021

A very big well done for surviving the first week. Most of the work has been completed as asked and much of it has been good quality – some children have really shown some good IT skills in presenting information and uploading things. I suspect they will all be whizzes after this!

A very big thank you to parents who are supporting your children; I would say with endless enthusiasm and patience however I suspect juggling different things at home can be very trying at times. So well done for surviving the first week as well.

This feels very different to the first Lockdown in that we have better communication with Teams, a more effective way to set work, to look at it and give feedback about it. We also have a clearer method for getting help, which, with a member of staff available on Teams all day (mostly Miss Evans), should help take some stress off parents. The children just need to make use of that help whenever needed.

We will endeavour to have regular catch-ups with children during each week.

During this week we will be looking at Newspaper report writing, still using Pobble as the inspiration for this. We will be starting to look at ecosystems and adaptation in science. The children will be asked to watch lessons provided by the Oak Academy for some things and I will set a task that runs alongside these. In art the children will be asked to do a desert landscape, with YouTube videos showing examples of the pictures they might attempt.