News from the Head Teacher – 7/9/2021

Welcome back to what we hope will be a much more settled year ahead.

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday with your family and friends.

We welcome Miss Munford-Fenwick to Oak classroom and wish Mr Goodchild a restful September as he watches the children from his window!

Just one or two reminders as we start a new term:

As a school, we will continue with our COVID routines that include sanitising of hands on arrival in school, social distancing and washing of hands during the day. The school remains well ventilated and we continue to have everyone’s safety at the heart of all we do. We will monitor the national guidance and take all appropriate actions to keep up to date.

We will inform you on a weekly basis of any changes we make.

All codes to the playing field and school property have now been changed. We are concerned that people have been coming on the field during the summer. It is private property and we are not insured for any incidents that may happen. It seems that some people have been visiting the village pub and allowing their children to play on the field. Other children have also been seen on the field. Additional signage and advice is being sought to ensure this does not continue.

We have reviewed our After-School provision and our offer this year has changed.

We have consulted with parents who have been using the provision as well as considered the means of staffing it.

From this week, we are offering Monday to Thursday evenings from 3.30 – 4.30. There is no automatic provision on Friday evening. We will, however, offer Friday if we are given a week’s notice to allow us to arrange staffing.

Staff are covering each of the four evenings on a rotation for the first half term. Following that, Miss Day will be the member of staff responsible for the provision.

We have looked at bringing together the idea of clubs and health and well being opportunities within this hour. Each evening children will have a more structured experience based on the following:

We will review these on a half termly basis. All children can attend if they are interested in joining in the activity. We are offering these as clubs, so you can see it as an opportunity for your child to join in any of the above. We hope children will want to attend one of the clubs above.

The cost for the hour is £5. If your child is picked up after 4.30, it will include a further half hour cost of £2.50.

If you could liaise with Mrs Beauchamp to let us know your requirements and interests.