News from the Head Teacher – 7/6/2021

Well what a lovely week of weather! What a difference it makes!

I hope you enjoyed the week and children had a lovely time outside. We now wait to see and hear what will be said by the government next week regarding how the country moves forward.

We are still planning for some restrictions and will continue to be more cautious than liberal in our interpretation of any guidelines and advice.

Whilst we will still be having a ‘Sports Day’, we have decided that we will hold it over two days, and without parental attendance. This will allow the different events to be spaced out. We are including lots of different activities to allow all children to feel they can be successful in alternative events. Points will still be awarded for houses and appropriate awards handed out.

We are intending to have 3 performances of our play at the end of term. Two evening ones and one afternoon one. This is to try and allow space and opportunities for everyone to come.

We will hopefully be holding our celebration assembly outside again. It was successful last year and weather permitting it could work as well this year.