News from the Head Teacher – 28/6/2021

As we approach the end of the year, we are busy doing all kinds of things. At the end of the week Miss Sadiq and myself are accompanying the children going to Robinwood. Mrs Beauchamp has sent out the notices with all the relevant and important information. If your child is going, could you make sure you have read the information please.

In the past, children have often arrived with HUGE suitcases. They are going to be away for two nights and they will find they do not need such big cases …

A key one for me is making sure your child has had a travel sickness tablet before leaving home please. It is a twisty road !! If in doubt take one !

Children who are taking part in the Tees Barrage sessions are loving them and have one left after this week.

If you have not yet replied to the request for tickets, could you please help us out and do so as soon as possible please.

Just a gentle reminder that KS2 children are only allowed fruit / vegetables for their snack.