News from the Head Teacher – 27/9/2021

The children in Acorn class had an amazingly successful fun run last week. Well done to Kirsten who ran the entire race from the front and won a gold medal. Congratulations also to Oliver C who won a bronze medal and Matilda who won a bronze medal.

This week we see children going to the Dodgeball competition and hope they enjoy it as much.

Miss Day was in school for an afternoon last week and the children enjoyed seeing her. She will be returning to school after half term on a 0.4 contract that will be four afternoons a week and After School Club from Monday to Thursday.

You will have received a notification for Parent’s Evening on 6th  October. Please return your form as soon as possible to allow us to make suitable arrangements for you. We are returning to face to face meetings as a first choice. We feel it is very important that you make an appointment to ensure we meet and talk with you at the beginning of what we hope it a much more settled academic year ahead. If you are unable to attend on the date, pleases let us know and we will arrange an alternative time and date.

I would just like to give a gentle reminder clarifying arrangements around After School Club hours. As you know, we have had to change our arrangements this year due to a change in staffing. As per the earlier post to families this term, we now offer after school provision up to and including 4.30 each evening. These are the core hours.

Should anyone need additional time Monday to Thursday we are only able to offer this by prior arrangement up to five o clock and in exceptional circumstances 5.30. On Friday we only offer up to 4.30 and this is by prior arrangement only. By prior arrangement we mean a week in advance. We cannot offer additional time on a Friday due to staff availability.