News from the Head Teacher – 24/5/2021

Please can I take the opportunity to give some gentle reminders with regard to uniform please.

Our uniform requires white, grey or black socks.

We do not allow children to wear any jewellery.

Children should not come into school wearing nail varnish.

All children in Oak need to bring their PE kit into school on Monday morning and take it home on Friday. If, however, they need to take it home to wear on Wednesday for swimming, then it needs to be back in school for the rest of the week.

Children in Acorn need to wear their PE kit on a Monday for swimming then make sure it is in school for the rest of the week.

We do not accept any extreme haircuts in school. Prior to having your child’s haircut, should you be bothered about where that line is, we are happy to clarify it with you.

Please could I take the opportunity of saying, that for most children, they always have their PE kit ready, always look smart and always make sure they have two pairs of appropriate shoes in school. We are making sure that our standards do not slip.