News from the Head Teacher – 17/5/2021

Hello everyone. I hope you have had a restful weekend …

My neighbour brought their caravan home this weekend and has spent the time cleaning and preparing it for a number of weekend breaks with their children. I didn’t envy them their hard work but it start me thinking about how the world around us is shifting ever closer to more freedoms.

This, alongside the concern raised at the end of the week about the new variant that may well stop us in our tracks, should it get hold in communities.

As we move another step out of lockdown, we will have told you that you no longer need to wear face coverings outside when picking your children up. Could I ask you, however, to continue to be vigilant re social distancing and continue to be mindful that we are all working out how to live our lives, knowing that COVID remains a part of it. The many messages that come from eminent scientists, is that we need to have strategies as we move forward that include managing COVID. It isn’t going anywhere.

There is a Full Governing Body meeting on Tuesday at 6pm. The meeting continues to be held as a remote Zoom meeting. Hopefully, the last meeting of the year in July may well be a face to face one.

We have a vacancy for a parent governor. If you feel you can commit to the school by working on the Governing Body, please come and talk to me. It would be lovely to have some interest from parents of our younger children.

If anyone has any spare vegetable plants, they would be much appreciated for our vegetable garden.