News from the Head Teacher – 15/3/2021

Last week many children returned to school for the first time in a few weeks. We have lots of smiles, and a few tears. We had a good week settling down with children adjusting to their new ‘normal’.

Thank you for reverting back to our systems and procedures for bringing and collecting children. It has worked well.

We are getting quotes for ‘renewing’ the gate at the top of the driveway and the old gate by the side of the village hall. We are also working with our neighbours at the back to sort out the overgrown trees on both sides of the fence down the side of the school to the Learning Zone entrance.

Please could I remind parents and families that we do not expect children to have mobile phones in school. If there is any exceptional, one off, circumstance, then we would expect you to inform us and the phone would be kept in Mrs Beauchamp’s office.

We have a Safeguarding Policy, annually approved by the Governing Body that is in place and on our website for everyone to read and note its contents. This is the backbone of keeping your children safe and from which other policies interact.