News from the Head Teacher – 14/9/2020

I hope you have found the first week back relatively easy to navigate. Children have been busy in school and all has gone well.

As new parents, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here in school.

Part of our work in school has been to assess where individual children are following such a long absence from school over the last year. We have been assessing current reading ages as well as beginning to use a programme called Lexia. This is a computer-based programme that supports children’s reading progress from their specific starting points.

During this last week Miss Evans has been working with each child on what is called a Placement Session. Now that the children have been placed accurately, they are able to log in and follow a programme that works for them. They will also be able to access this at home and we will be giving you more information to do this in the coming days.

Some of our government allocated funds following Lock Down have been used to make this purchase. It supports children at an intervention level as well as increasing their rate of reading progress.

Just a reminder for parents that if they are sending children with a snack, it needs to be a piece of fruit. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are given fruit in school so there is no need to send any into school.

Children, when bringing a bottle into school, should just fill it with water. No fizzy drinks or flavoured water, just plain water please.