News From The Head Teacher 13/12

Hello everyone,

 I hope you and your families continue to remain safe and well. Following on from e mails last week, we still have Miss Moore off for the rest of term.  Thank you for being so understanding about the situation and bringing packed lunches into school.

Thank you for all your offers of help, we really appreciate your support.

Just to confirm, we have asked you bring a packed lunch in for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We are providing a Christmas lunch for everyone on Thursday and a party lunch on Friday.

On Thursday the children can come into school in their party clothes. We have talked with them about what we see as appropriate clothes! They will be having a party in the afternoon and be involved in some lovely activities in the morning.

They can come into school on Friday in their own clothes and do not need to wear uniform.

Mrs Newton is back in school this week and most of her work with children is happening in the front office, so should you ring the school, you are more likely to get a response.  If not, please leave a message and she will return your call.

We break up at 2.30pm on Friday afternoon and there is no After School Club that day.

Children return to school on WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY.