News from the Head Teacher – 12/7/2021

Welcome to the penultimate week of term. As I write we have no further positive cases recorded so fingers crossed we have a clear run to the end of term.

There is lots going on for the children this week and I would ask that you watch out for the class posts so that you are aware of what the children are doing each day and what they need.

Mrs Beauchamp has been very busy at the end of last week with paying back funds to you from missed dinners, multi sports club etc. I am grateful to her and thank her on your behalf.

As soon as we are refunded from Robinwood, we will ensure the funds get back to you as soon as possible. We will also be rescheduling the trip as soon as it is possible to do so.

I will be putting the new 2021-2022 calendar on the website soon. You will note that Reverend David Bartlett is scheduled to come into school on a regular basis. This is a really positive development that builds on the relationship we have with our local church and we are looking forward to welcoming him into our community.

We have an issue staffing the After School Club on the penultimate day of term ( Thursday 22nd ). It is my intention to cancel the club unless you let me know by the end of this week that it will be an inconvenience to you and your family. If this is the case, I will look to find a way of staffing it. There is no After School Club on the last day of term, as school closes at 2.30pm.