News from the Head Teacher – 12/10/2020

I hope you were all able to have a satisfactory remote conversation with your class teacher last week. I know Reception parents had already spoken to Miss Sadiq earlier in the term. If you have any comments to make, please feel free to send them through or let us know. It is by hearing what you say that we can improve what we do. It is the first time we have done this, so all thoughts and comments will be useful to us.

Each Monday we have our celebration assembly, where we hand out Star of the Week certificates. There are two certificates for each classroom. We also take this opportunity to recognise good work and children who have tried their best. Sometimes children work really hard and struggle with things. We work with them and often talk about our pride in what they achieve.

Some of our children struggle with their own self-esteem. They see themselves as ‘not as good’ as another person or ‘not as clever’. This does not sit well with me. We do talk about how children can be different in other ways. I have in the past been inspired by Howard Gardner’s work on Multiple Intelligences.

Initially he looked at recognising how people can be intelligent in different ways. He talks about Multiple Intelligences and below, you see a summary. Now more than ever, in such a changing world, and understanding ourselves within it, it seems so relevant to what we are doing in school.



We now have our annual Poppy Box in school. Children can bring a donation for anything in the box. The normal things like wristbands, rubbers, rulers etc. are all there !