News from the Head Teacher – 11/10/2021

Thank you for the time you gave last week to attend the Parent’s Evening. Staff enjoyed meeting you and sharing work and conversations with you. It was good that you were able for the first time to come into school and actually see what the children have been doing.

Our Harvest Festival is next week and, as you know, our tradition has been to collect for the local food bank. Please could you continue to bring in any dried or tinned food to help us with our efforts. You are all welcome to come to church at 2 pm on 20th October to share our service.

The children were disappointed that the cross country was cancelled last week, but we have been given some other dates to consider to ensure it goes ahead.

We continue to be conscious about all health matters in school. Please could we ask you to talk with your children about habits with their hair. We are talking about putting hair in mouths etc. The best would be for children to have long hair tied back, or be aware that hair attracts germs and to maintain our good healthy habits with hair too.