News from the Head Teacher – 11/1/2021

Thank you to you all for your amazing efforts last week as we began our current journey together. It was just stunning how everyone made an enormous effort following such a late announcement last Monday evening.

It seems that everyone now is up and running with the means by which to continue learning either at school or at home. We are working hard to make it as seamless as possible. As you are aware, Miss Evans is at the computer on Teams every day to respond to the children at home as quickly as possible. Teaching staff will respond as quickly as possible as well.

This morning Miss Evans has dealt with a number of issues relating to documents on Teams. We are resolving these, but in the meantime, I think it is fair to say that if you struggle to access any of the work set, just move on to the next task. If you let us know what the issue is that helps and then just move on. Please do not add to any anxiety.

Just a reminder that if you want something resolved for the following day, please could you let staff know before 4pm the day before. We will always do our very best.

I apologise to some of you who would want your child in school, but do not fit into either of the categories outlined by the government. We are following the advice we are being given, confident that in doing so we are ensuring those of us in school are as safe as possible. If any family circumstances change, please let us know.

Each day we have approximately 30% of our children in school. You will have seen from staff interactions last week, that we are trying to make the children at home feel that they are still part of the community.

Late last Friday, the government changed some of its guidance with regard to critical workers. It has now reverted to saying that where possible, critical workers should keep children at home. With this in mind could I ask families that have children in school to consider times when they could have their children at home please. I will be writing out to those families separately to ask for work schedules to help us.

Our main means of direct communication is through Teams. We are happy for children and their parents to engage with us using this, but we are looking at closing down the private chat element. We are not able to monitor this and we are concerned that in keeping children safe, we have all the means to do this as effectively as possible. Other schools have taken similar decisions.

In the meantime, could you discourage your child / children from using the private chat element between themselves. It goes without saying, I’m sure, that parents need only interact with any chat through the class Team and staff in school.

Children have their own communication means to be in contact with their friends.

Please could I ask that you continue to inform us of any COVID related testing and / or possible infections in your household.

This week in our village we have the opportunity to take an asymptomatic test. I have booked one to help adding to any data that can be used as we move forward. If you are offered the opportunity and take it up it would be helpful if you feel you could share the information with us to add to the data we are accumulating.

If you have any feedback that you want to pass on to us during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Continue to take of yourselves and your families as we move into week two.