News From The Head Teacher 07/12/21

As we come towards the end of the term, you are all aware that we have had a positive case of COVID in school. All children, either in school or at home remain negative and we hope this continues until the holidays, to allow the children and you as families to have a good Christmas.

When we last spoke, we were in a position to continue with the nativity and record it for you.  The attendance in school was significantly reduced last week and remains low this week. We have decided that we are not able to continue.  I know this will be disappointing to everyone, and will look at the alternatives to include in what we do in the spring term.

Please continue to test your child / children at home, as it helps us all to keep an UpToDate picture across the school.

If I could remind you that school closes at 2.30 on Friday 17th December.  There will be no After School Club that day.  Unfortunately, we will not be going across to church, so you will need to pick the children up directly from school.