News from the Assistant Head Teacher – 4/5/2020

Good Morning,

Another week in lock-down passes by and small changes are happening, however social distancing and taking precautions not to contract or transmit the virus are still vitally important.

There is much talk in the press of the need to get people back to work and children back to school but, as a school,  we must continue to follow the Government’s advice and instruction. As soon as we hear anything official as to the removal of restrictions or children being able to return to school we will of course promptly let you know.

Initially this may be some sort of phased return, possibly only part time, or particular year groups, but we will have to wait and see what the Government experts advise.

It has been a week of drab weather and for a few days it seemed as though Summer was over but the forecast is good for the coming week and hopefully will lift spirits a bit.

Many children have sent work back to school and I continue to encourage them to do this however, again, I must reiterate that for some families and children completing work is not the priority and can cause undue stress to try to do this. It is more important to keep your family safe and in good health, both physically and mentally.

A special mention this week for Bea in Class 3 who produced a video of herself as a town crier advertising for players to take part in a game of football, Tudor style (in other words no rules).

And also (I have to say that I often pass his house when I go for my daily walk) Jake in Class 1 again for a fantastic story he wrote and illustrated on his computer. I was taken aback by his enthusiasm and pride as he read it to me over the fence at a distance.

A further mention is needed for Viggo in Class 3 who is managing a range of activities at home including star gazing and he wrote a poem about the effects the virus is having on us all.

 I would also like to say well done to those children who are continuing to look at work plans and trying to complete some each week. I know some children are beavering away and not necessarily sending work through to their teacher because parents are marking it or are persevering with Purple Mash.

If any children need to change reading books or need more paper or a second exercise book please contact me and we can arrange a pickup of whatever is required.

Stay healthy

R Goodchild