News from the Assistant Head Teacher – 11/5/2020

Good Afternoon,

I am sure everyone is feeling just as clear about everything that is happening across the country as I am.

Having said that, we will of course follow the Government advice as it arrives about opening school, which, at the moment, looks as though it could be after half term and for certain year groups only at first.

We will endeavour to keep you informed about exactly what will happen as soon as we have guidance.

The White Rose Maths, which many children have been using, has decided to begin charging for its use. We will take out a subscription this week, if possible, which will enable its continued use. Details will be emailed out when we have them.

It feels as though winter has arrived again but the weather is due to improve. The school grounds will continue to be open each day for children to use to exercise, including weekends. The gate tends to be locked between 6 and 7 pm.

Stay well


Mr Goodchild