Mr Goodchild – 6/7/2020

Another well done to all children home-learning who have continued to send in work.

At school we have been doing a short writing task every morning based on pictures from the Pobble 365 website. These are pictures to stimulate writing. I  also started sending the daily picture out to some of the other children in class 3. Some of the writing has been very impressive with some fantastic descriptions, vocabulary and ideas being used by the children. Some days we have sent writing completed by the children at school to see what the children at home think of them.

This week is a bit different. Today is an art day. So please concentrate on doing the art activities on the art plan or you may want to join in and do the activity we are doing at school: design and make a creature (or alien) from a stone. the stone can be painted and decorated and things (limbs/wings etc) added to it. Some people will get as far as making a small environment for it (like a background). If you manage to do this please take a picture and send it in to us at school. I will also post some of the ones we do at school.

Tomorrow at school Class 3 will be watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone after finishing the book last week. Children at home can watch the same film if it is available or a different one but please write a short report about the film, what it is about and what you think of it for those people at school to read.

Please check the class teams post for the activities for Sports day on Friday for those home-learning.