Mr Goodchild – 29/6/2020

Another well done to all children home-learning who have continued to send in work.

At school we have been doing a short writing task every morning based on pictures from the Pobble 365 website. These are pictures to stimulate writing. I have also started sending the daily picture out to some of the other children in class 3. Some of the writing has been very impressive with some fantastic descriptions, vocabulary and ideas being used by the children. Some days we have sent writing completed by the children at school to see what the children at home think of them.

I will start sending the pictures out to all KS2 children a couple of times a week to encourage them to do some writing that they can share.

This week at school we have covered learning about Judaism, finishing our watercolour poppies, looking at the age of exploration and the Tudor era explorers. Children at school have continued with the White Rose Maths and looked at food chains in Science.

Next week at school we will be pencil sketching, carrying on finding out about decomposers in science, learning about Sikhism in RE. Those at home need to complete one of the History/English tasks, and complete an art task. These can be sent digitally in to school when completed or left at the box by the front door of the school.

Helpful hints and tips

History/English tasks are to write diary entries about the voyage or events from Francis Drake’s voyage.

Task 1: diary entries can:

  • mention particular aspects of the voyage (the conditions on board ship) and how it affected the writer of the diary and the crew
  • provide some factual information about the voyage  (place names, descriptions of areas)
  • use adjectives to help describe – exciting, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, rewarding
  • include feelings and thoughts about the events that have happened and what may happen
  • be in the past tense as the events have happened
  • be as though written once a week or longer so can include events from a period of time rather from one day.