Sports Funding

Sports Grant 17-18 Statement

This year we had £16,370 for the grant.

It was important to us to consider the all round health of our children when making decisions about spending the money effectively.

We continued to invest in the small schools competitions.



Children enjoy the competitions and have also had many successes this year.

As part of this agreement we have also been supported to gain the Sainsbury’s Silver Games Mark award.

We invested in an Adventure Trail for the field. We made this decision so that all children have access to some equipment at break times. We had no equipment on our field and it seemed an effective use of our grant that was sustainable in years to come.



Mental Fitness

All teaching staff and support staff in classrooms have been trained to have a greater understanding of a range of mental health issues in children and able to work more effectively with the children. This allows children to embrace the whole curriculum in a healthy way to ensure a parity of esteem between mental and physical health.

Children are and will continue to engage in a greater range of physical fitness sessions both as part of the core curriculum as well as after school clubs

Children will have a growing understanding of links between physical and mental fitness and staff, a greater parity of esteem.

Barriers to physical fitness are being broken down

Children will become more resilient and mindful about their attitudes to learning


Self esteem and self-confidence in both staff and children will be evident in more effective teaching. Teaching that is planned with mental health as part of an individual child’s needs as well as their academic needs.

Training has included:



EYFS and Key Stage One Swimming

Class One have been to swimming lessons in the summer term. The grant has paid for the transport to and from the centre.


In our Year 6 cohort, leaving school this year, all children are able to swim at least 25 metres and use a range of strokes effectively.