Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

The school is in receipt of the following Pupil Premium funding for the 2016/17 financial year.

Funding     16-17 2016 – 2017 (January Census 15 ) Funding 17 – 18 (January Census 16 )  


Y1 FSM child  


Y2 LAC child Y3 EVER6 X 2
Y3 EVER 6 child Y5 EVER6
Y6 FSM child Y6 EVER6

This financial year, the school is utilising the Pupil Premium funding in the following ways:


Description Funding
Using Teaching Assistant Support in Class One for the child who is PP plus one Class 2- 30% salary cost 1518
Using Teaching Assistant Support Class Two and Three for the additional 3 children who are PP – 25% salary cost approx.. 3288
We have also used a small amount of money to support a child to learn a musical instrument


Mr Ferrari booster sessions in Class 3 x 2 children 1566
Total Pupil Premium Funding Allocated £6600


There has been an impact on children’s progress as a result of intervention by staff. In particular:

In Year 6 PP child had prior attainment at KS1 Reading 2A; Writing 2B and Mathematics 2A.

He showed significant value added of +7.3 ( FFT ) in Reading and +3.4 ( FFT ) in Mathematics. |Writing reached expected standard in line with FFT predictions based on prior attainment.

Year 4 PP child reached age expected standard at the end of the year following intensive reading support from TA

Year 3 child reached national scaled score standard at the end of Year 2 SATs. This as a result of intense daily and weekly reading and mathematics support with both TAs across the year. He was starting from a low baseline at the beginning of the year, so value added score will be high when published.