Consent Form

Throughout the year, children will be involved in visits to places that are part of their learning.

Each class has a curriculum overview that includes the different topics for the year. As part of your child’s learning, there will be times when, as part of the school day, they will be involved in visits outside of school.

Children are occasionally involved, within the school day, in sports competitions where they represent the school.

This form is asking for your consent for your child, ( should it involve his/ her class ) to be part of any visit or sporting event during the academic year 2015 – 2016.

By ticking it, you are consenting to your child being involved in class, school visits and sporting events that are held within the school day. You are consenting to us taking your child out of school on any of these occasions during the year.

We will inform you, in advance, of the dates of any visit or event your child is a part of, alongside any payments due.

There are times when, as part of your child’s learning, they take part in food testing. We are asking for your consent in allowing your child to take part in these activities as and when they are appropriate. If your child has any food allergies we would appreciate you letting us know the details please.

There are occasions where photographs are taken in school as part of their learning or during celebration events. We would like you to either consent to your child’s photograph being taken or tick to say you do not wish this to happen. Photographs taken in school will not be shared with any third party, they will occasionally be part of the school website.

Occasionally in school we will use face paints. Please would you give your consent or otherwise to these being used with your child

Bernie Greenwood