Community News – 16/3/2020

The workshop for the Mothering Sunday Service in St.Eloy’s on Saturday has been cancelled because of the current situation.

At the moment, we still hope to hold a service on the Sunday at 9.30 and any children attending will be able to have an active part in it and also take home a bunch of flowers as a gift for a loved one.

Thank you

Hi5 leaders


A message from Dave Lawson:

In view of the current threat posed by the coronavirus i have also been asked (As unelected spokesperson!!!) if we have anything in place in the village/parish to offer community support.

Quite a few years ago there was a village group who set up a group called SHARE to help anyone in the parish who, due to age or illness felt isolated and required help.

Although they have never disbanded, it would appear that the group are no longer pro-active and so perhaps it is the correct time to resurrect the Community help group in case, due the virus (or any other issues) people need to self-isolate and do not have any close friends/relatives who could help. Ie shopping, collecting prescriptions, running errands or maybe due temporary incapacity needs someone to cut the grass or keep the weeds under control..

So two questions.

  1. Is there anyone who presently needs assistance? Or depending upon the spread of the coronavirus or possible just the common cold/flu may need assistance in future.
  2. Are there any volunteers who would be prepared to offer assistance?

Please note that not everyone has their email on my database or may not even have an email address so please enquire with your neighbours in Great Smeaton, Little Smeaton and Hornby and also the more remote homes in the Parish if they require and may offer any help. If they do have email and want to receive the village news/community news then please pass on my email ( ) and ask them to contact me.