Class 3 – 4/2/19

This week in Class 3 we will be looking at explanation texts. We will also continue revising main and subordinate clauses and Standard English. In Maths we will be looking at perimeter and area, extending our knowledge and understanding to be able to find them of triangles, parallelograms and others regular polygons. In Science we will be investigating pulses and the effect exercise has on our bodies. In our topic work we will be continuing to look at Darwin’s work and look at evolution. In PE we will continue to improve hockey skills and take part in small scale games. The Year 6 children will also be doing practice SATs which we will then discuss together to help develop an approach and understanding of particular areas that need revising or clarification. In Computing we will continue to use Purple Mash to develop an understanding of coding.

On Friday we will be spending the day outside and the children will need suitable outdoor clothing and footwear. The weather is due to be wet and fairly inclement so it is important the children dress appropriately and have a change of clothing, including socks.