Class 3 – 25/11/19

This week: the children will continue to look at diary writing and the types of literary techniques used in this text-type. We will also be looking at parenthesis and how brackets, dashes and commas can be used in a sentence to add extra information. In Science we will be writing up our investigation into how to separate materials.  Maths will continue to focus on division and move onto fractions during the week. The children will be looking at the effects of evacuation on families in the war. They will also be learning about the War in the East against Japan and the treatment of allied POWs.

Rehearsals for the Christmas production will carry on this week with learning songs and beginning to develop the different scenes.

Star of the week was Thomas K, for completing long division questions in maths and having a good attitude towards it by the end of the week.

There will be guitar club this week on Tues.