Class 3 – 13/1/20

This week the children will be continuing their topic about the Frozen Kingdoms (the Polar regions) and begin researching and preparing material about polar explorers. In English the children will be looking at main and subordinate clauses, how to recognise them and include in their own writing. In Maths the children will be multiplying and dividing fractions and some will apply this to written problems. The Year children will also be completing some maths SATs question papers.

PE will concentrate on netball skills building to the High 5 tournament after half term.

Science will involve designing tests to choose materials to use as insulation in polar conditions.

In music we will continue to learn new songs and work on developing music for the Easter concert.

We will also continue to look and discuss issues around mental health this week.

Star of the Week for Class 3 was Thomas J. Thomas was chosen by the rest of his classmates for working hard and concentrating in class.