Class 3 – 11/3/19

This week in Class 3 we will be concentrating on science as it is British Science Week. The children will be investigating different aspects of science, such as dissolving, physical and chemical changes, separating solutions and temperature. They will also be designing and making paper aeroplanes and researching space travel. English will revolve around writing about the investigations and maths will be based on graphs.

The children will be making lava lamps and rockets later on in the week and will need an empty 1 Litre and 2 Litre plastic bottle for these. They will be able to share if necessary, however they may not be able to take one home if they do not bring their own in

In French the children will be doing a small assessment of their language skills so far.

Seven children will be taking part in the inter-schools netball tournament on Tues afternoon and will wear school sports kit, but will need trainers and their water bottle.