Class 2 – 9/3/2020

Class 2 will be exploring a wide range of science this week. They will be learning about the different sections of the scientific world.

Through watching videos and learning about loading ship’s cargo holds they will make predictions about how much weight a model vessel can hold before it sinks. Recording their ideas, data and making a statement after all the experiments are concluded. They will use coins as weights and use maths calculations to find totals, measuring in grams.

This week gives the opportunity to explore different parts of the world, where they might find hot water geysers and active volcanoes. The children will use maps to locate areas where there is a high frequency of volcanic action.

They will draw and label diagrams. Make a model of an erupting volcano, learning about the different types and shapes. Finally they will use a chemical (very safe) reaction to mimic an erupting volcano.

There will be opportunities in the week to work on their multiplication tables and  maths activities. They will be acquiring a new set of vocabulary connected with the topics. Also English activities and high frequency words in a dictation exercise.

Once again ,thank you for your support ,reading and practising with your children.

 Our Star of the Week for last week was Alfred for good work in Literacy.