Class 2 – 3/2/2020

Spring has started to show with snow drops and celandines around the village verges and greens. The children are discussing what features would improve village life, for children and grown-ups alike .They will be using positive descriptive phrases and specialised vocabulary to describe the possible benefits of these additions. In spellings, the words we are looking at in class are, those which contain, soft ā€œcā€, as in nice, space and decision. It is very good to see more children becoming independent .using word cards and phonic dictionaries to find correct spellings. They will be visiting the school library again to see how the different non-fiction books are arranged, as well as selecting one for personal reading.

Its times tables all the way, with activities and challenges. It is also half term assessments for maths. The year 4s will be trying out some focussed times table activities, using their understanding of maths vocabulary and their knowledge of times tables. Learning how to tell time, using an analogue clock and comparing to a digital clock, will reinforce prior knowledge and understanding. Counting from one time to another, to show time past or future, will support calculating word problems.

In topic, the children will be learning more about human geography, including populations and significant cities in England, using maps and grid systems.

In Art, the children have begun to look carefully at human faces exploring how to make different faces, for babies, children and adults.

Our Star of the Week for last week was Lily-Rose for her confidence in explaining her maths calculations and for being a good friend.