Class 2 – 2/12/19

The Advent Calendars are opening and we are in full flow preparing for Christmas.

In English we are looking into famous people who have done kind and charitable deeds.

The children will be developing their ideas into a story for Christmas. Using new and powerful vocabulary which will add interest and emphasis to their story.

Reading comprehension this week is about a very famous seasonal personality and the history behind him.


The children are making good progress in learning and using their times tables.

All children should know x2. X5, x10 plus, x3 and x4. We are currently working on x6.

2-D shapes, their names and describing them using new vocabulary.

We will be using the concept of “right-angles”, parallel lines, regular and irregular shapes.

The children are currently rehearsing for their Christmas production.

Zain was our Star of the Week.