Class 2 – 16/3/2020

We are using poetry to create powerful images this week.

The children will be reading a poem set in the wetlands of Louisiana.

Using personification they will create verses emphasizing the urgency and fear during a natural disaster, to escape or find shelter. Rhyming words, alliteration and repetition are some of the features the children will use.

Spelling this week Y3 Irregular verbs, Y4 Common misspellings of “ay” sound. In class we will be using activity mats to learn words from the Y3/Y4 statutory word list.

Reading, your child may be now using books from the new reading scheme. There is a wider range of vocabulary which will enhance their spoken and written language.


Units of measurement. This week, Length and weight (metric system) Learning the appropriate unit to measure different objects or tasks. Learning about the comparison of one unit to another. Looking at food packaging and estimating the weight can be a task when helping to put shopping away.

Times tables x6 and x8 Certificates for sound knowledge of these tables for Friday.

Topic work this week,”Hurricane” and its effects on human and wildlife.

Star of the Week for last week was Vespa, with a special award to Bobby for his reading.