Class 2 – 13/1/20

Class 2 Spring 1 Week 2 Ms Lowery   13.1.2020


We will be building a character to travel through the landscape shown in the painting “Hunters in the Snow” The children will be using prepositions,adverbs and adjectivesin their sentences. They will be matching nouns and verbs,remembering which verb form to use when using plural or singular nouns.

In spelling they will be learning about the “ou” vowel sound (sounds like owl) and using it in words containing prefix “out” and compound words. Looking at letters which require joins from the top, o,r,v,w.


The children are converting their knowledge of 3and 4 times tables to find answers in 6 and 8 times tables by doubling the smaller number.

We will be exploring different methods to add two or three,3and 4 digit numbers.

Star of the Week last week was Chloe for her wonderful attitude as she returned to school after the Christmas break.