Class 2 – 10/2/2020


This week we are working on improving sentences using adjectival phrases. We are also using comparative adverbs such as good, better, best to improve sentences. The rule for applying these words is easy to remember. Later in the week the children will talk about and write short reviews about the fiction library books they have read.


The children will complete a ten minute time’s table activity, we will be using these next half term. The Year 4 children are having extra support for their knowledge and application of times tables.

Mrs Wyre will continue learning about how to tell and calculate the passing of time. Learning the vocabulary and understanding the words such as; o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to, past the hour, to the hour, minutes until, minutes after.

Topic; The children have worked hard and have some super ideas about making the village more attractive to residents and visitors. They will be creating a large scale map, to include their choices of amenities.

Art, Using the method of drawing faces from their lessons 2 weeks ago the children will create a larger scale face, more in the style of ethnic art work or in a Picasso style. They will use colours  in a more experimental way.

Our Star of the Week for last week was Bobby for being very kind