Class 1 – 30/9/19

This week in Class One we are going to be looking at diaries and diary entries. If any of the children keep diaries at home and would like to bring them in to show the rest of the children that would be a lovely way to start off the week. We are going to be keeping a diary of everything that happens this week in school, we will be looking at diary entry language and using exclamation sentences. This will lead to the Year 1 and 2 children writing a diary entry from the tower Rapunzel is trapped in. In Maths we are going to be carrying on focusing on addition. The Year 1 children will be adding one digit and 2-digit numbers within problems. The Year 2 children will be carrying on using the column addition method to add two 2-digit numbers. Please can the children have PE kits in school all week. Also, if you have any cardboard or recycling that is just going to go in the bin could the children bring it in this week? We are going to be designing and making our very own castle. Thank you.

Star of the Week

Jake received Star of the Week this week in Class One! He received this award for his writing. He managed to get his fact file completed and made a big effort to form all of his letters correctly, making sure that they were the correct way around.