Class 1 – 16/3/2020

This week in Class One we are going to be continuing reading and discussing the book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We are going to be creating poetry for our Owl Baby display in the classroom. We are going to be learning about owls, learning a poem off by heart and looking at rhyming words.  

In Phonics the Reception Children will be looking at two syllable words, for example, cobweb. We will be looking at the words, splitting them up and then reading them confidently. The Year 1 children are going to be looking at the alternative ai sounds this week. The Year 2 children have been working on their suffixes the last few weeks and this week we will look at the suffix -ment. The Year 2 children will also be completing English SATs questions this week and going through them as a group.

In Maths we are going to be carrying on with our topic of measure. The children will be using non-standard units of measure and standard units of measure. The Year 2 children will be looking at both metres and centimetres. The Reception children are also going to be starting the new maths of measure.  They will be using the vocabulary longer, longest, taller, tallest, smaller, smallest and comparing and ordering the size of different objects. The children will then be measuring items using non-standard units of measure, for examples, cubes.

Oliver  was Class One’s star of the week in class one last week. He got the certificate for his fantastic reading. He is accurately sounding out and blending and is confident with his tricky words. Well done Oliver.