Class 1 – 10/2/2020

This week in Class One we are going to be  reading the story book ‘tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson. We are going to be creating a story map of and then we will be changing parts of the story to make it our own. The Year 2 children will also focus on including speech marks in their writing this week. In Phonics the Reception children are learning 4 new sounds, oo, ar, or and er. Please help the children by revisiting all of their sounds in their sound fan which can be found in their reading folders. The Year 1 children are going to be looking at words that begin with w and wh and ph and f. The Year 2 children are looking at the suffixes s and es and when to add and use them. In Maths we are going to be recognising and finding ¼ of quantities and numbers. The Year 2 children are continuing with their SATs work. We are going to be practising lots of reasoning based maths problems this week.

Last week in Star of the Week in Class One was Oliver Crewe. This was for his hard work in completing work outside of school. It was for his reading at home and completing his spellings to a good standard. Well done Oliver!

I hope that everyone has a lovely half term and I will see you all when we come back!