News from the Head Teacher – 3/12/18

First of all a HUGE thank you to all the children who came and sang at Middleton Hall on Saturday afternoon. It was appreciated by everyone who was there. One man came to me and said that he was a resident in the main part of the home and led their choir. He was very impressed with the standard of the singing and the complexity of the songs. He was amazed that the children could be so young and sing so well.

As you know, it is not down to me. It is down to Mr Goodchild’s musical ability and how hard he works with the children.

Thank you to all the mums, dads and grandparents that brought the children and gave up their time.

Please could I ask you to support the FROGS in their Sainsbury’s carol singing on Friday 14th December from 4-30 to 6.30pm. It raised nearly £400 last year and we would love to match that this year. If you have a child in After School Club that day, we wonder if you would be willing for us to take your child with us ? Also, if you would like to give your consent for your child to stay in school and sing at Sainsbury’s that evening that would be great. They could be picked up from school at app. 6.30pm. Please could you let the school know if you are able to give your consent.

Today some of our children had flu immunisations. This was administered as a puff of medicine in each nostril. It does not hurt and is more of a tickle ! Only 38% of our children from Reception to Year 5 were given parental consent. We are sending out in bags today a further letter to ask for your consent for the nurse to return to school and immunise more children. 38% is the lowest in the whole of North Yorkshire.