Class 2 – 4/2/19


This week the search for a new King continues. Three camps will be using research and applying I.C.T.skills to produce information to share. Communication skills, listening and speaking, taking turns to present information to the class. Attention to detail, practising checking work for spelling and grammar errors.

Spellings for Y4 tricky use of ae, ai and split di-graph a-e.

Y3 suffixes er ,ing


Vocabulary for shape is difficult, revising 2-d and 3-d shapes. Using correct vocabulary to classify and describe shapes. Exploring 2-d shapes and the concept of symmetry.Building 3-d shapes.

Keep up the x-tables, focus on number patterns in 3,7, and 9 times tables.

Y3  know and use  x2,x5, x10 plus x3tables

Topic 1066

Learning about life changes in England after the invasion. The design , making and purpose of the Bayeux Tapestry. Starting to out-line stitch design on cotton fabric panels.