Class 2 – 11/2/19


Writing using a formal style suitable for a job application. Awareness of polite or formal form of speaking and writing compared to informal style and the use of slang or “text” speak.

Completing the final formal job application, to be a king!

Spelling, awareness of long vowel sounds and the correct spelling using letter strings” ear” sounding air, eer and er.

Handwriting, correct shape and placement of capital letters.

Maths, a mixed week, completing shape, including properties of 3-d shapes and the vocabulary related to them. Using nets to build 3-d shapes. Looking at and discussing 20th century sculpture relating abstract forms to mathematical shapes.

Preparing a survey, to produce data. To present data in different forms. Using data to retrieve information and make statements.

Topic.   On-going skills to produce an embroidered panel. Learning basic skills, threading a needle, fastening a knot, using different stitches, handling a hoop. Using their drawings ti inform them of design and details.