Class 1 – 4/2/19

This week in Class One we are going to be reading and discussing the book Super Tato. We are going to become familiar with the story, learning different parts orally and starting to look more specifically at the language features.  We will be focusing on full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks. There will also be a focus on handwriting this week. In Maths, we are going to be starting the new topic of capacity. We will be discovering practically which containers hold the most amount of liquid and ordering them, we will begin to take measurements in ml, and discuss when we would use ml and when we would use L. The Reception children will experience all the capacity vocabulary and be filling containers so that they are ‘nearly full’ ‘half full’ ‘nearly empty’ ‘full’ and ‘empty’. We will also be using the children’s own Superhero shield designs to make them this week. We will be using cardboard and paint to decorate them. I hope everyone is prepared for our Royal Marine Day on Friday – we are all really looking forward to it!